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About JPC Composite

JPC Composite founded in 2000 as a private firm of Thomas Jonsson. As the demand for manufactured products grew, the company was reorganized into a limited company in 2011.

The company is operated by the founder Thomas Jonsson and at the moment we have approximately 8 employees.

Carbon fiber

Carbon fiber is a material that is durable, stronger than steel and a low density, with these characteristics, the material has important applications. JPC Composite, manufactures components used in advanced systems for military aircraft and helicopters.

The airline industry has for decades been using composite technology and materials such as Carbon is initially developed just for aircraft. Today is the major structural elements of a modern passenger aircraft made of carbon fiber composite.

The industry has much to gain by exploiting the various advantages of composite materials. When conventional materials such as metals reaches its physical limit, the extreme composite materials such as carbon fiber can be used in structures and machinery parts. This way you can increase the performance and function.

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Our products

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